Since 2014 we have developed programs in marginalized communities of the Oaxaca coast.

Our intention is to BE THERE, and that is our proposal. Every week, we are with each of the 6 communities to have constancy and, through workshops that we strategically design by professional. That way the children learn and are inspired.

Having the support of professional, as well as the entire community; help us to be in different areas makes us an integral project, where our main goal is to work for education.
We believe it is important to build classrooms, but it is more important to build the foundations, and again towards our culture so we could be able to help our people from there.


Is a foundation for education. We intent to make synergy with communities through educational projects and professional committees that help us to synchronize, along with the community of parents, the main problems that exist in the environment such as health, sustainability, art, construction, psychology and collection.



We are a team of professionals who weekly synergize with the communities to help them progress by creating projects such as educational, cultural, sustainability and physical and emotional health; through different committees: medical, art workshops, school and family gardens, therapeutic tools, building and construction projects of first necessity and common good (school classrooms, water wells, health houses, among others) with the commitment of the community force.