Currently we are working with 6 communities belonging to the Oaxaca coast.


  • Arroyo González, Santa María Huatulco; Oaxaca.
  • San Miguel del Puerto; Oaxaca.
  • Barra de Copalita, San Miguel del Puerto; Oaxaca.
  • Santa María Xadani, San Miguel del Puerto; Oaxaca.
  • Bahías de Huatulco, Santa María Huatulco, Oaxaca.
  • San Cayetano; San Diego de La Unión Gto.

The objective of the Health Committee is to improve community health levels, focused on the detection, prevention and control of diseases in an efficient and accessible way, making it free for the patients or whoever needs medical attention.

Our objective is to reduce the index of pathological consultations in our community. Based on the above and personalizing the consultation of each patient with chronic and degenerative diseases

 Our intention is to cover the most vulnerable. Also open channels of communication between the community. We provide educational rallys to children with the aim of showing them a bigger picture in a playful way.

The intention is to carry out sustainable programs. Through children the communities learn several tools such as self-sufficiency, producing and taking care of their natural resources through orchards and ecotechnics.

 We generate union between parents for the construction of classrooms and other basic construction needs for the benefit of the same community.

We connect and canalize children into artistic expression through painting and music, with specific and specialized programs according to them.

 Our goal is to integrate students from marginalized schools into the digital age and new technologies; because the current subject limits them with theoretical and practical knowledge, making it difficult for them to integrate into schools with higher level of knowledge.